The Dutch startup scene

The Netherlands has a thriving startup scene. The surge of successful entrepreneurial endeavors has made the region one of Europe's hottest startup hubs.

Why startups and scaleups choose Holland!

  • Strategic location
  • International business climate
  • Superior infrastructure
  • Competitive fiscal climate
  • Multilingual workforce
  • Creative & innovative environment
  • Exceptional quality of life
  • Europe's most connected startup ecosystem

Orange carpet treatment through a special Startup Scheme

The Netherlands has one of the most welcoming immigration procedures for international innovative entrepreneurs. The residence permit scheme for startups affords ambitious entrepreneurs from outside the EU one year to launch an innovative new business in the Netherlands.
Later stage start-ups can rely on easy residence/work permits for up to 5 years for highly-skilled migrants and their families. The application procedure takes approximately 2 - 6 weeks.

For more information on residence and work permits, please consult the IND website.


StartupDelta is a public-private partnership that collaborates with the Netherlands’ primary innovation hubs to speed up innovation, attract startups, corporates and investors to the Netherlands, and serve as an advocate for the startup community to policy makers.

StartupDelta consists of a small core team led by Special Envoy Constantijn van Oranje. The main innovation hubs in the Netherlands, the ministries of Economic Affairs, Education Culture and Science, Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, the startup community, and other partners, all contribute to the StartupDelta initiative.

The role of StartupDelta is to provide information and support, and to act as a gateway to its extensive network of startups, accelerators, government bodies, and other useful parties in the Netherlands and abroad.

StartupDelta has a powerful network that can help to facilitate the growth of your startup in the Dutch ecosystem. Think of StartupDelta as a signpost to great initiatives, offering guidance where needed. Additionally, StartupDelta is an advocate to policy makers on behalf of the Dutch startup ecosystem.

Startup Officers

The Startup Officers Network is a network of commissionairs representing the Dutch governmental departments and municipalities.
They have 3 main goals:
  • Offer an entrance for startups who see opportunities in collaborating with the government;
  • Deploy the startup mindset in the governmental organisation, in order to grow into an innovative an learning government;
  • Empowering governments to open up public procurement for startups.
These Startup Officers can help you to find the right entry points and they are happy to explore the possibilities for collaboration. For an overview of the Startup Officers and to contact them with your brilliant idea for a product or collaboration or to indicate challenges in the Dutch startup ecosystem, please consult the startup officers webpage.

Regional hub partners

All ecosystems in the Netherlands together form One Single Hub helping all sorts of startups grow. Each partner contributing with its own specialty or local stronghold.

Startup Delta

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