Communication styles

The stereotypes of Dutch business communication are often those of straight-talking directness, with to-the-point discussions.

This is mostly true; the Dutch do like to know where they stand, and if they have something to say, they will usually say it. This direct way of speaking eliminates the chances of ambiguity; if a Dutch person tells you are doing a good job, then you definitely are!

Global traders

People from the Netherlands also consider themselves to be historically good at doing business around the world, ever since their 'Golden Age' (roughly corresponding with the 17th century). Hence, international experiences and multilingual skills are more than welcome.

A friendly bunch

They are also a friendly bunch and most will try to understand your cultural background. It results in an interesting clash between directness and understanding: each individual will handle this differently.

So when preparing for the Dutch labour market, know that there are individuals who will do their best to understand your cultural differences and assist you, but also people who will strike you with their boldness with little regard for your cultural background.

Source: Expertise in Labour Mobility

last modified Nov 11, 2013 12:06 PM
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