Meetings and negotiations

Dutch companies revolve around meetings. You will find that there is always at least one meeting in your office every day, even if it only involves a few people.

Because of their frequency, meetings are mostly informal, yet fixed to times and agendas. The Dutch enjoy offering their opinion, and the attitude is that each individual may hold information that is valuable to the company. As a result, meetings can involve staff members of various levels of seniority.

Join the debate

Negotiations are usually lengthy as people seek consensus, with the most senior staff member seen as the strategist of plans, and the general staff as the implementers. Try to prepare yourself, as you will likely be expected to contribute to the discussion at some point.

Coffee breaks, a source of information

A lot of office information is passed on through word of mouth, and once you are a trusted figure among colleagues, you will undoubtedly hear plenty of information at the office coffee machine.

Source: Expertise in Labour Mobility

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