Organisational structure

The organisational structure of businesses in the Netherlands is often very flat compared to businesses in your home country.

Managers and high-level staff deal with lower level workers on a daily basis, do not display symbols of rank and it is common to address them by their first names. This does not mean that high-ranking staff members are not respected (they are!). The idea behind the Dutch flat hierarchy is that equality fosters productivity in team decision-making, rather than imposition of decisions by the superiors.

The Dutch are proud people and do not like to be looked down upon, so a smart boss will bear this in mind and act respectfully towards the staff at all levels.

No shaming and blaming

If something goes wrong, personal responsibility is often avoided or rejected, with the blame placed on the situation or a problem with the current set-up.

However, one should not be surprised to be criticised by the boss publicly as it is a part of the Dutch directness.

Source: Expertise in Labour Mobility

last modified Nov 19, 2013 10:48 AM
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