Your Dutch diploma

Nuffic can provide a description of your Dutch diploma.

Once you have received a Dutch diploma, Nuffic can provide a description of its approximate value. The description will give specific information about your study programme and an explanation of the Dutch education system.

Diploma recognition

Nuffic acts as the Dutch National Academic Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) for the evaluation of foreign diplomas in higher and general secondary level education. It has a number of in-house experts who are specialised in the education systems of various countries.

If you move to another country, a diploma description can be helpful in explaining which study programme you have followed in the Netherlands and the value of the diploma you were awarded. It provides your prospective employer, or a government agency or education institution insight into your qualifications and may improve your chances of finding work or gaining access to studies.

What is a diploma description?

A diploma description is not a literal translation of the diploma. It states the name of the diploma recipient as well as the most important information about the study programme and the diploma awarded. It also describes the structure of the Dutch education system. Nuffic experts also give their opinion on which diploma in the host country is most comparable to the diploma awarded.

Diploma descriptions are available in English or, on request, in Spanish. To learn more about the application procedure, please visit the Nuffic website for more information

NCP Declaration

If you are moving to an EU member state with the intention of practising a regulated profession in that country, an NCP declaration may be helpful. The declaration states that the profession is regulated in the Netherlands and/or in the EU member state in question, and specifies the applicable EU regulations.

Please note that both the diploma description and NCP declaration have an advisory status and are not legally binding. As such, they do not give the holder any rights in the host country.

For further information, see: Professional recognition.

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