Work in Holland

If you're a foreign student or graduate and thinking about starting a career in the Netherlands, the following pages will give you all you need to know about career opportunities after your studies.

By providing you with this information, Nuffic supports the ambition of the Dutch government to retain international talent for the country's key sectors.

Research has shown international students in the Netherlands are quite keen on staying after their studies. Holland Alumni  international students who have graduated from a Dutch higher education institution  are generally happy with their Dutch degree and their time spent in the Netherlands.

Career and job advice

However, to be able to stay and make a living, career advice and information on how to find a job are key. The difficulty of finding work in a country that is not your own is that the subtleties of the application process are a great mystery. This career portal aims to unravel some of the mysteries a little for those interested in staying in the Netherlands after their studies and looking for a job here.

On the following pages you will find all you need to know about:

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