The Netherlands is a key logistics hub connecting global markets.

Photo: Europe Container Terminals BV, Rotterdam

The Netherlands plays a key role in our globalised economy, by connecting producers and consumers worldwide. The Netherlands’ success is based on an alignment of cutting-edge infrastructure and world-class service providers, and our coastal location at the heart of Europe.

The Port of Rotterdam is Europe’s largest seaport and the world’s fourth largest, and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, a major European cargo and passenger hub. Combined with world-class logistics service providers and an extensive network of road, rail, waterways and pipelines, the Netherlands is the Gateway to Europe.

The Netherlands also makes extensive use of IT to deliver optimised supply chain solutions, for example in time-critical areas like food and flowers, and is making pioneering efforts in environmentally sustainable logistics and silent logistics.

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Key aspects and strengths

  • All major Dutch ports are serviced by companies specialising in storage, transhipment, industrial processing and auxiliary services, as well as transport, packing, warehousing and distribution. From the Port of Rotterdam, all major industrial and economic centres in Western Europe can be reached in less than 24 hours.
  • The Netherlands is one of the leading road transport nations in Europe and the largest inland shipper. The Betuwe route, a dedicated double-track freight railway, enables fast transport of containers and bulk goods from Rotterdam to the European hinterland.
  • The Dutch inland navigation sector has Europe’s largest, innovative and differentiated fleet and offers a reliable, cost efficient and sustainable extension of maritime transport chains to the European hinterland (import and export).
  • Under the Smart Cargo Hub for Europe initiative, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Port of Amsterdam and the private sector aim to turn Amsterdam into the fastest and most-reliable multimodal hub for Europe.
  • The Netherlands is developing a Neutral Logistics Information Platform (NLIP) that will be the standard data communications platform for the industry, to be completed in 2020.

Facts and figures

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