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Did you study in the Netherlands, are you currently working in the logistics sector and do you want to help us promote the Dutch logistics sector abroad? Visit the Holland Logistics Library to find presentations, videos, infographics and other tools designed to attract cargo flows and logistics investments to the Netherlands and to promote Dutch knowledge and know-how in the field.

The Holland Logistics Library is a repository of valuable information on the logistics sector in the Netherlands. Ranging from presentations, videos and images to fact sheets, regional information and in-depth reports, users can select and customise information for target audiences in specific countries, for specific sectors or on specific topics. The library offers information keyed both to attracting cargo flows and investments and to exporting logistics knowledge and know-how.

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About the library

The Holland Logistics Library is an initiative of the Platform for the Foreign Promotion of Logistics, part of the Netherlands’ Logistics ‘Top Sector’, in which the Dutch Association for Transport and Logistics, the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency, the Holland International Distribution Council, the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Port of Rotterdam, regional representatives and the Dutch ministries of Economic Affairs, Foreign Affairs, and Infrastructure and the Environment work together.

The purpose of the Holland Logistics Library is to strengthen the international leadership role of businesses active in the Dutch logistics sector.

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