Having a CV that stands out from other job candidates may be the key to landing your dream position. As an international community of Holland alumni, we will often find ourselves interviewing for in-demand positions in the career paths we have selected versus numerous other job candidates. With so many other people hunting for the same roles, we need to do all that we can to distinguish our qualifications, skills and experiences—and that all begins on your CV.
To impress potential employers, every top-quality CV contains several elements, such as:

  • Contact information
  • Clear and direct summary of career goals/inclinations towards field
  • List of your relevant qualifications
  • List or brief explanation of your relevant experience(s)
  • Publications and/or awards and achievements relevant to field

    By incorporating these elements, employers will clearly understand how you’ve come to the field and why you are interested in the position. To get started on your CV, view these professional CV and resume templates to kickstart your career.

Contribution by: Jane Sandwood

Photo by: Nik MacMillan