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I am a Professor Aquatic Ecogoxicology/Stress Ecology from the Department of Fisheries Management ( of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) at Mymensingh, Bangladesh. I am also working as Associate Director of the Interdisciplinary Institute for Food Security ( under BAU. I have been teaching (since 2000) courses related to aquatic environmental sciences (Aquatic Ecology, Ecotoxicology, Climate Change Impacts) in a reputed university on life sciences in Bangladesh ‐ the Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU). At BAU, I am affiliated with Department of Fisheries Management & Interdisciplinary Institute for Food Security (IIFS) (formerly, Interdisciplinary Centre for Food Security). Some of the undergraduate and graduate courses that I have taught are – Ecology, Ecology of Fishes, Environmental Chemistry & Toxicology, Aquatic Pollution & Toxicology, Global Climate Change, Climate Change & Fisheries, Fisheries Resources & Conservation, Environmental Challenges in Asia, Marine Fisheries Management, etc. Moreover, from February 2012, I have lead establishment of a new interdisciplinary institute at BAU (Interdisciplinary Institute for Food Security) and have provided important oversight during development of Master Degree Program in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security. To learn more about me please visit my personal site at

Professional experiences

Professor of aqutic ecotoxicology/stress ecology


From March 2012 to Today

Professor of AQUATIC ECOTOXICOLOGY/STRESS ECOLOGY. 18+ years of teaching experience at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels including MSc & PhD supervision.
a. Aquatic Ecology b. Water Pollution c. Climate Change Impacts
ONGOING RESEARCH Projects: related to-
a. Impacts of Pesticide Pollution on Aquatic Biodiversity.
b. Microplastic pollution in marine fauna (fish).
c. Impacts of climate change induced hypoxia on physiology of freshwater pearl mussel.
a. Ecology; b. Climate Change & Fisheries; c. Ecology of Fishes; d. Global Climate Change. e. Marine Fisheries Management. Website:

Nam s&t - zmt fellow

Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) , Bremen - Temporary contract

From January 2019 to Today

In 2018-19, ZMT welcomes again five scientists holding a NAM fellowship who will stay for three months in different working groups. The guests are arriving from Bangladesh, Colombia, India, Mauritius and Nigeria and will cooperate during their stays in the period July 2018 to February 2019 with ZMT scientists in the working groups Social-Ecological Systems Analysis, Sea Level and Coastal Changes, Algae and Seagrass Ecology, Resource Management and Development and Knowledge Sociology.
The work and results of each NAM fellow during his/her stay at ZMT will be documented in a working paper, which will be published on ZMTs website in the working paper series.
The NAM S&T Centre – ZMT fellowship is published every year and candidates can hand in their application until June/July of each year to the NAM S&T Centre, whereupon ZMT is making a final selection. The fellowships are financed jointly by the NAM S&T Centre and ZMT and enable one candidate per country a three-months-stay at ZMT.
Interested applicants from one of the NAM S&T Centre’s member countries can build on their research skills in the areas of ecology, biogeochemistry, ecological modelling, social sciences and coastal marine systems in the tropics. The NAM-Fellowship was initiated to provide opportunities to scientists from developing countries to work with the ZMT and to strengthen their research skills and gain new knowledge. Applicants must hold at least a Master of Science (M.Sc.) or equivalent degree and should be actively engaged in research and development.
I have started as NAM S&T Fellow at the Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) in Bremen, Germany. My fellowship with ZMT Bremen is for three months, January-March 2019. Together with four other NAM-ZMT fellows this year, my fellowship is featured in the ZMT website (

Visiting research fellow (fulbright fellow)


From May 2018 to Today

I am currently working with Bhandari Lab (Environmental Epigenetics Lab; at the Department of Biology under University of North Carolina at Greensboro. My supervisor is Prof. Dr. Ramji K. Bhandari.

Professor of environmental sciences


From August 2015 to Today

Adjunct faculty member


From February 2013 to Today

Interdisciplinary Centre for Food Security (ICF) is a new centre at Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU). The Centre has mandates to shares information and facilitates dialogue among civil society organizations, universities and governments. Currently ICF is implementing a NUFFIC supported capacity development project in partnership with Wageningen University of the Netherlands entitled €˜Integrated management of crop-fish-water resources to enhance agricultural production systems towards sustainable food security in Bangladesh coordinated by me. This project is supporting development of two interdisciplinary Masters Programs under ICF: a. Sustainable Agriculture; b. Food Security to be started from January 2015. Two short courses are also under development: a. Gender & Rural Development; b. Organic Agriculture. ICF is also involved with research in the inter- & multi-disciplinary cross-cutting issues on agriculture.

Professor of aquatic conservation biology


From July 2000 to Today

Teaching & research at undergraduate and masters levels. Research in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Integrated Agriculture.


NL – Wageningen University – 2014