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Jaffar Rushigaje


38 years - Burundi

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Agriculture is at the center of much of today’s key development challenges related to healthy foods, sustainable environment, poverty eradication, agroindustry and global trade. Innovative ideas and partnerships are required to build sustainable and scalable business solutions that generate value from farmer to consumer and embed Sustainability Strategy of Re-Imagining Global Agriculture worldwide.

With ADIC as Project Manager of Food Security project funded by European Commission, I increased my level of providing humanitarian response vulnerable of Climate change and political crisis. I learned grant use, reporting, documentation of changing livelihoods and holding policy dialogue for further improvement.
In parallel to the EU Funding, I managed grants from FAO, UN/GEF, WFP and European Cooperative for Rural Development (Sorghum project).
FAO, GEF grants targeted micro-watershed with high risk to climate change impact according to Climate proofing analysis and INFORM tool report.
WFP grants aimed to respond to nutrition and food security needs through Food for Assets of vulnerable people and expelled form Tanzania.
With UNIDO investment, I started as Expert in coffee certification for a Burundi Program supporting oversea trading in 2015 and as Expert in support of cooperatives in administrative, technical and environmental management. I developed skills in Business analyst, in Industrial production management, in Leadership.

Vice-Head of Department of Agronomy at INTERCAFE BURUNDI, M&E for USAID Funded Project at Olam International with coordination of factory operations, planning, follow up, M&E, reporting and collection of feedback from project' technical teams and partners.
In short, I'm skilled in project development and implementation, in agricultural value chain and in agroindustry management. I speak fluently French and English. I am familiar in use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, MS project and QGIS.

Professional experience

Monitoring &evaluation officer


From February 2017 to Today

Responsibilities : Provide all technical informations related to the OLAM BURUNDI projects
Accountability Areas :
#Lead the development Monitoring &Evaluation systems for the coordinated design, planning, management and monitoring of the small holder programmes/projects within identified priority areas
#Contribue to the development and implementation performance monitoring and evaluation strategies
#Conduct evaluation/impact assessment studies of key projects/programmes
#Lead in the formulation of Monitoring &Evaluation recommandations for improving implementation performance and the design of policies, programmes and projects
#Review Monitoring &Evaluation findings and best practices and disseminates information to stakeholders to facilitate evidence based planning, learning and informed decision making
#Assist with the design, facilitation and coordination of recommanded capacity building initiatives, such us training programmes for relevant stakeholders, in ordrer to facilitate a culture of results based management
#Administrate the online application data collection (Olam Farmer Information System) for Burundi Programmes
#Follow-up all the performance of coffee value chain of OLAM BURUNDI
#Monitor VSLA / SILC implementation and its impact in rural communities

Additional training


International Centre for Agricultural Research-oriented development - Research and Innovation

2015 à 2015

Training on the topic " Linking research to local rural innovation :

1. Innovation as change process & multi-stakeholder approach to rural innovation
2. Example of a complex multi-stakeholder process
3. Participants’ capacity to innovate & moving on in rural development
4. Innovation as a change process, Complexity & systems thinking
5. Linking (action) research to society needs
6. Stakeholder engagement, networking and partnership development
7. Participants’ capacity to innovate: Behaviours and Values, emotional intelligence
8. Business approach to development
9. Formulation and presentation of action plans
10. Field trip+ Analysis and Presentation on Competing claims on rural space




Agrisolutions su


AgriProFocus Burundi





NL – Unspecified – 2015


Français - Fluent

Anglais - Technical

Kirundi - Native language

Swahili - Notion

Kinyarwanda - Fluent


Soil and Land Resources Management
agricultural policy analysis
Watershed Management


  • Help farmers to find out solutions to their production problems
  • member of different groups of agricultural experts