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27 years - TCHAOUROU Benin

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Technician/Trainer and coach Agribusiness clusters
From 2 to 5 years
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Less than 28 k€
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Temporary contract
- Benin
- Training officer or consultant
- NGOs
- Freelance Agent
- Agriculture and food
- Marketing and communication
- Education and development


Born in October 1992 in city of Nikki, Province of Borgou in Benin; Kader LAFIA SERO N’GOBI graduated from a bachelor degree in Agronomy, option plant production since 2015 at the University of Parakou in Republic of Benin. Currently under contract with the regional union of rice producers Borgou-Alibori(URPR-BA) as a Technician/Trainer and Agribusiness clusters coach, Mr. Kader LAFIA is responsible for providing regular advice to rice producers; to facilitate the identification and selection of lowlands through explorations- prospecting and validation of these lowlands.
Promote sustainable management of land and water use; the use of crop varieties that are short cycle and disease resistant and also extra resilient to climate change.
Organize visits to exchange experiences and capitalize on exogenous knowledge, innovations, between peasant family farms on the rice production and processing processes in the URPR-BA intervention communes.
Create a climate of trust within agribusiness clusters which leads to lasting business relationships.
Welcoming, stimulating and supporting young people in carrying out their entrepreneurship project and increasing the access of women and young people to essential agricultural markets
It has several concepts through monitoring on the approach OPA (Professional Agricultural Organization), the cluster approach parboiled rice: Diagnostic and Design, business relationship, negociation and contractualization; Facilitate access to operational services, access to inputs, equipment and breaches; bundling and communication on parboiled rice and training on adaptation to climate change.
Kader LAFIA has proven itself in the past in several structures as agricultural advisor including ADESCA- NGO who main mission was the support of rice producers and market gardners; AJECED – NGO based in the city of Nikki for the same work.
He is fluent in the local languages of his country, especially Bariba and Peulh. He also speaks foreign languages including French and English.
With all the time, he spent in agricultural advice, Mr. Kader masters the reality of rural world with a spirit of openness and teamwork. He handles daily computer tools such as Word, Excel, Power point and the Internet.

Professional experiences

Technician/trainer and coach of agribusiness cluster in rice sector

URPR-BA( Regional Union of Rice Producers Borgou-Alibori) in Benin Republic , Kandi- banigourou - Temporary contract

From February 2019 to Today

From February 2019 to now at URPR-BA NGO in Tchaourou city(North Benin), the outcomes are as follows:
-5 rice producers trained in the production of certified seeds,
-150 rice producers trained on the technical itineraries of rice production,
125 women trained on good rice parboiling techniques
It should be noted that these cooperatives are networked with commercial business relationships made up of input suppliers, plowing service providers, microfinance institutions and buyers.
After this connection between actors, 50 tons of paddy rice was sold on local markets, including 15 tons bought by women processors for their processing units and which was sold in primary schools.
15million CFA francs as a loan from a microfinance institution allowed rice producers and processor to carry out activities with an interest rate of 1.7%

Agricultural advisor

AJECED NGO in Benin Republic(Nikki) , Nikki - Temporary contract

From January 2018 to November 2018

From January 2018 to November at AJECED-NGO in Nikki city(North Benin), 130 soybean producers were trained on the good technical itineraries of soybean production and 50 women were trained on the proper techniques of transforming grain soybeans into soy cheese
It should be noted that these cooperatives are networked with commercial business relationships made up of input suppliers, plowing service providers, microfinance institutions and buyers.

Agricultural advisor

ADESCA NGO in Benin Republic(Kalalé) , Kalalé - Temporary contract

From November 2015 to October 2017

At the level of the first NGO from November 2015 to December 2017 at ADESCA-NGO, I had to provide advisory support within the cooperatives of market gardening and rice producers in the commune of Kalalé in northern Benin as well as the marketing strategies adopted in their context in order to be able to access more profitable markets.
A total of 295 market gardeners were trained on the good technical itineraries of market gardening of the following crops: Lettuce, okra, amaranth, carrot, eggplant, cabbage. 70% of trained market gardeners are young people and women aged between 26 and 32 years old.
10 rice production cooperatives formed and 3 rice processing cooperatives. It should be noted that these cooperatives are networked with commercial business relationships made up of input suppliers, plowing service providers, microfinance institutions and buyers.







NL – Wageningen UR Centre for Development Innovation – 2020


Anglais - Fluent

Français - Fluent


can work with less supervision
Ability to work in a team and independen
data analysis
Teacher Training
Value Chain Development
•Excellent leadership skills
MS Word, MS Powerpoint, MS Excel
Driving Permit


  • contemplation of the rural world
  • football
  • Advisory support for rural stakeholders