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Ngonidzashe Lewis Mufute

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42 years - Gweru Zimbabwe

Professional situation

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Professional aspiration

Water Resources management, Irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting
From 11 to 20 years
Desired salary
Between 28 k and 35 k€
Type of contract
Permanent contract, Temporary contract, Others
- no preference
- PhD student
- Studies and technical research
- NGOs
- Education and development
- Agriculture and food
- Academic research and R&D

Professional experiences

Lecturer -water resources management, irrigation and rainwater harvesting


From April 2011 to Today

 Conducting lectures and practicals, (The courses that I teach include Watershed Management, Irrigation Design, Rainwater Harvesting, Irrigation Planning and Evaluation)
 Supervising undergraduate students research projects in the land and water resources management field.
 Attending other Departmental, Faculty and university duties as well as attending workshops and conferences
 Research
 Community engagement and consultancy work

Other Achievements;

 Part of the Standard Association of Zimbabwe national irrigation standards development steering committee:(The national standard on water quality for irrigation was produced by the committee and was published in October 2014),
 Part of the Zimbabwe national Irrigation policy formulation team (the policy is awaiting Cabinet Approval)
 In 2013, produced a consultancy report on behalf of Midlands State University for The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) Titled: Assessment Report for Mr Z. Phiri’s Rain Water Harvesting and Soil and Water Conservation Structures,

Irrigation engineer, chief irrigation engineer

DEPARTMENT OF IRRIGATION , Harare - Permanent contract

From October 2004 to March 2011

i. Irrigation engineer. Main duties were centered on irrigation planning. This included carrying out site investigations for irrigation development mostly for communal irrigation schemes.
ii. Acting Chief Irrigation Engineer, Irrigation Water Management Branch. Main duties include Supervision of branch staff and activities centered on irrigation water management, i.e. ;
 Promoting water serving and efficient irrigation practices and systems,
 Promoting proper irrigation water management and irrigation scheduling,
 Training /advising farmers and staff on irrigated crop management and irrigation water management,
 Creating and maintaining data bases on hydrological data associated with irrigation schemes development.
iii. Acting Chief Irrigation Engineer, Research, Testing and Technology Development Branch. Main duties include Supervision of branch staff and activities centered on the following;
 Irrigation equipment testing
 Irrigation systems performance evaluation
 Irrigation technology demonstration
 Irrigation research
 Irrigation technology development
 Other related and supporting activities

Other notable duties/achievements
 Preparation of departmental documents such as policy reports, Irrigation feasibility reports , databases, and budgets,
 Involved in training of both farmers and staff on irrigation issues,
 Also work with other organizations in irrigation training; for example, I was one of the trainers in the Lead Trust irrigation training course for gardeners held in June 2010,
 Liaising with other stakeholders in the irrigation sector such as companies, contractors, parastatals, NGOs and farmers;
 Was part of the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO)/ Government of Zimbabwe national review team for the farm management handbook in 2009. I was the reviewing author for the irrigation section of the handbook,
 Was appointed as the Department of Irrigation National Coordinator for the SADC, 2009 winter wheat inputs programme for Zimbabwe,
 Was part of the coordinating team for the 2005 National tobacco barns assessment team,

Soil and water conservation officer

Department of Agricultural Engineering and Technical Services , Harare , Harare - Permanent contract

From January 2004 to September 2004

Main Duties included planning and supervision of data collection on soil and water conservation research activities,

Agricultural engineer

Tobacco Research Board , Harare - Permanent contract

From March 2003 to December 2003

Main Duties included managing the engineering section and its work teams. Overally was responsible for the maintenance and repair the board’s irrigation equipment, farm machinery and tobacco curing structures,

Designed and implemented a 5 hectare drip irrigation scheme

Research assistant

UNIVERSITY OF ZIMBABWE , Harare - Temporary contract

From September 2002 to February 2003

Main duties included development and testing of crop solar drying equipment,

Additionals trainings

BSc Honours Degree in Agricultural Engineering

University of Zimbabwe

1998 à 2002

Agricultural Engineering , some of the areas covered include irrigation systems design and management, soil and water conservation, Crop storage and processing, Farm structures design

MSc Integrated Water Resources Management

University of Zimbabwe - Water Resources Management

2006 à 2007

Degree covered areas such as integrated water Resources management (IWRM), Water resources planning and analysis, Catchment Management, Water policy and institutions , Water resources modeling , Hydrology and hydro-geology, water conflict resolution, GIS and Remote Sensing Principles.

Masters in Business Administration

Zimbabwe Open University

2011 à 2013

Post Graduate Diploma in Water and Sanitation

Institute of Water and Sanitation Development - Water and Sanitation

2007 à 2008

Course included , development and management of rural and urban water supply systems , rural and urban sanitation systems

Short course in Rain Water Harvesting and utilization

GAWC, Gansu Province, China - Rain water Harvesting and utilization

2009 à 2009

The course covered the following aspects: Principles of integrated resources management, principles of rain water harvesting and utilization, planning and designing of rainwater harvesting structures for domestic and agricultural use, principles of deficit irrigation design and application with rain water harvesting, principles of green house design and use with rain water harvesting, economic evaluation and analysis of rain water harvesting projects, principles of soil and moisture conservation practices for enhancing crop yields and ecological conservation and holistic use of appropriate technology (solar energy ,biogas, efficient fire wood stoves) with RHU technologies.

Short Course on Irrigation and water management for Agriculture

University of Queensland - Irrigation and water management

2018 à 2018

Course covered the following ;
-Designing and managing small scale irrigation and water harvesting projects integration watershed management and planning
-Political and organisational challenges to developing and managing water resources, understanding current soil and water conservation, and conservation agriculture best practice approaches such as:
-enhancing soil fertility, water retention and availability
-Small scale mechanization and tillage equipment: zero tillage
-Design principles of water harvesting systems
-Selecting water harvesting techniques suitable for small holder Irrigation
-Irrigation scheduling to match crop water requirements and soils
-Broader leadership and organisational management competencies. This includes:
Project management
Change management, and
Public speaking
-Addressing cross cutting development issues such as gender equity, inclusive development, ethics and transparency

Short Course on GIS and Remote Sensing Applications for the Water Sector

IHE , Delft

2018 à 2018

The topics covered in the course include the following:

- Principles of geographic information systems and remote sensing technologies,
- Creation of digital elevation models,
- Mapping of water and environmental features,
- Watersheds, streams and aquifers delineation,
- Soil and land use mapping,
- Terrain analysis for hydrological and hydraulic modelling,
- Presentation of modelling results,

Short course- Training of Trainers course on Climate Change and Integrated Resource Management

University of Kwazulu-Natal - Climate change and integrated Resources Management

2009 à 2009

Course covered the following;
Basic concept of climate change and variability, Climate change adaptation and Integrated water Resources management


NL – IHE Delft Institute for Water Education – 2018


Anglais - Fluent

Shona - Native language


Irrigation and Water Management
Watershed Management
Rain water Harvesting
Solar Crop Drying
water and sanitation


  • Research and development related to; Irrigation: Planning
  • development
  • management and evaluation of schemes
  • alternative energy systems for irrigation
  • Irrigation policy issues
  • Scheme organization; Water Resources Management: Policy issues
  • Governance
  • planning and development of water resources
  • small dams management
  • wetlands management and utilization
  • watershed planning and Management
  • rain water harvesting
  • Water supply and sanitation. Other : Solar drying of crops: Development of solar crop drying equipment and drying of vegetables and fruits.