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Nikita Robinson

27 years - Ghent Belgium

Professional experience

School counselor

The Shri Ram School, New Delhi , New delhi - Permanent contract

From April 2017 to October 2018

I worked with children from Grade 5 and below. I took individual sessions under the
supervision of Ms. Gloria Burrett, providing a safe and supportive space, identifying
needs, drawing up intervention plans and building resilience.
I conducted sexuality education workshops with students (grade 5), their parents and all
the teachers at school.
I partnered in creating a sexuality education curriculum for elementary students and for
the children who are a part of the special education needs department.
I facilitated:
- Circle Times, regularly on a weekly basis inviting discussions around
gender, tolerance, kindness, bullying, sensitivity, and more;
- Social Clubs, where students are able to enhance varied social skills in a group setup;
- Caring for Carers, a space for parents to bring themselves in the space as their self; -
Form Meetings, giving a platform to teachers to talk openly, identifying common themes
within their classrooms and related effective interventions and challenging teachers to
look at children through a different lens.

Additionals trainings

International Masters in Advanced Research in Criminology

2019 à 2021

IMARC is a dual research Master's and my enrolment is both at Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of Ghent from 2019-2021.
IMARC’s rationale is to enhance the quality of the study of Border Crossing, Security and
Social Justice in a globalized world. IMARC is a programme with a particular emphasis on both empirical and
theoretical study of current international social and criminological issues.

Universal Certification in Forensic Psychology and Criminal Profiling

2016 à 2017

I was enrolled in an online certification course at International Forensic Sciences (IFS), Pune (India). I received my certificate with a Grade B (63.5%).

Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology (Psycho-Social Clinical studies)

2014 à 2016

Ambedkar University, New Delhi (India)
GPA of 7.2 on a 10-point scale
Received a scholarship in the second semester for placing among the top ten
Thesis: ‘Are You Listening? A Thematic Analysis On Suicide Terrorism As A Means Of
Activities and Societies: Class representative 2014-2015, Organizing Committee for
the B.R. Ambedkar Memorial Lecture 2014-2015

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Psychology

2011 à 2014

Delhi University, New Delhi (India)
Graduated with a Bachelor's degree with Honours in Psychology, in the year 2014
from Jesus & Mary College, Delhi University with a First Division.
Activities and Societies: Organizing Committee for College Fest ‘Catharsis’


NL – Erasmus University Rotterdam – 2021


Mental Health