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Patricia-Nicoleta Cosma

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Social Media is part of everyone's life at this point or is indirectly a huge influence. In the past years, I have developed a desire to work in the Marketing field and create awareness for different projects.

Currently an International Communication student, back from my Erasmus+ mobility, I focus on Branding and Social Media channels, as seen in my work experience and volunteering work. I like learning every day, so that is one of the reasons I take online courses regularly.

Being always on the go has helped me get out of my comfort zone and be able to approach any challenge with confidence. I am now working as a Communication Manager volunteer for one of the biggest project so far - International Erasmus Games International Phase 2020, where my team and I promote a healthy and active lifestyle and international bondings through Erasmus+ programme.

Ultimately, my goal is to assist companies/public persons in the process of developing themselves on the market in a uniform and unique way, while growing professionally and expanding my network with people who believe in the same things as I do.

For job opportunities, please feel free to download and check my CV for more details or contact me on WhatsApp or email.


NL – Saxion University of Applied Sciences – 2019