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Ritchie Rahardja

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32 years - Depok (16456) Indonesia

Professional situation

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Professional aspiration

Molecular Nutrition Researcher
From 2 to 5 years
Desired salary
Between 28 k and 35 k€
- PhD student
- Studies and technical research
- Studies and research Consultant
- Health and life science
- Academic research and R&D
- Agriculture and food


I am interested to work in the Science Communication and Health Research in food and pharmaceutical industry with five years working experience in Human Molecular Research before I pursued my Master degree in Nutrition and Health, Wageningen University and Research.
I am highly enthusiastic in the development of personalized healthy lifestyle, including creating healthy, yet delicious, functional food products, and effective physical training for diseases prevention. During the Master thesis projects, I obtained a broad knowledge of gastrointestinal health, including healthy ageing in relation with gut microbiota composition, and the use of a biomarker promising related to the beneficial effect of physical activity for gut health.

The master study and the thesis projects upgraded my excellent skills in knowledge mapping, project planning, and independent working. Also, during a PhD development training, I improved my skill on communicating with people from different scientific background and formulating scientific argument. I am a curious person, highly motivated to learn, have initiative and creativity for problem solving, and granted with a strong scientific education background.

Research Specialties:
• Research Topic: Gut Health (from the perspective of gut microbiota and gastrointestinal barrier function), Chronic Disease Development and Prevention, Ergogenic Aids

• Research Approaches: Human Clinical Research and In Vitro Study, Gene Polymorphisms, Gene Expression, Metabolomic, and Big Data Analysis.

• Research Tools: PCR, qPCR, TEER measurement, SPSS, R program

• Laboratory Management Skills: Laboratory Design, Consumables Improvement, Arrangement of Accreditation and Certification

Additional personal skills: Excellent time management and leadership skills. I am also a task-oriented, perfectionist, and realistic person.
Professional skills: Strong sense in data analysis and project management.

Professional experiences

Bioanalytical science associate

NUTRIFOOD INDONESIA , Jakarta timur - Permanent contract

From July 2014 to July 2016

Developed system to weigh scientific evidence related with genetic variation in human associated with chronic diseases, with a purpose to develop personalized lifestyle suggestion
Developed a knowledge mapping between food consumption and its effects to the change in gut microbiota composition, with a purpose to develop new product and research project
Organized human molecular research within the topic of: (1) Genetic polymorphisms; (2) Gut microbiota; (3) Gene expression; (4) Chronic diseases incident; and (5) Sport performance
Organized diagnostic laboratory certification (ISO 15189)
Involved in the supervision of bachelor students during their internship and thesis projects, including development of study design and statistical data analysis
Educated marketing and research and development divisions within the title of Human gut Microbiota and Molecular Gastronomy

Bioanalytical science executive

NUTRIFOOD INDONESIA , Jakarta timur - Permanent contract

From July 2011 to July 2014

Developed a business plan for molecular diagnostic service
Organized human molecular research within the topic of effects of whey protein supplementation on gene expression after weight-lifting training
Wrote article within nutrition and health topics for Men's Guide magazine
Educated marketing divisions with presentation in the topic of Healthy Cooking
Wrote short information related to nutrition and health for social media publication

Additional training


Wageningen University and Research - Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology

2016 à 2018

GPA: 8.18 of 10.00

Top 10 PhD proposal during PhD scholarship competition from VLAG Graduate School with proposal topic of "Are probiotics effective in adapting to exercise stress-induced intestinal barrier dysfunction in humans?" (A,7.5/10.0)

Successfully developed systematic analysis for big data of urinary metabolites based on correlation to explore novel biomarkers related with intestinal adaptation response after repetitive intense exercise with R program for Minor thesis with topic of “The Exploration of Novel Urinary Biomarkers for Exercise-Induced Stress and Adaptive Responses after Repetitive Intense Exercise” (A+, 8.5/10.0)

Result of the Major thesis with the topic of “Effects of Hydrogen Sulfide on Intestinal Integrity: In Vitro Approach Using a Caco-2 and HT29-MTX Co-Culture” was used as a teaching material for Food Digestion: Fermentation and Gut Health course (A, 7.5/10.0)

Best group poster presentation within the topic of “Molecular Toxicology Evaluation of Genistein (Bioactive of Soy) in the Food Toxicology course (A+, 9.0/10.0)

Molecular Regulation of Health and Disease – Molecular metabolism of cancer cells, IBD and gut microbiota, and cardiovascular disease (A+, 8.5/10.0)

Practical Tools in Molecular Nutrition Research – Molecular analyses of cell lines and whole blood samples with qPCR, Western Blot, and Global Epigenetics (A, 8.0/10.0)

Applied Nutrigenomics – Application of Omics analyses, from epigenetics into metabolomic (A, 8.0/10.0)


NL – Wageningen University – 2016


Molecular analyses
Chronic diseases
Sport performance
Knowledge mapping
Project Design and Management
training, coaching, mentoring
Laboratory certification
Business Planning
Resistance training
Article writing


  • Physical Activity
  • Cooking
  • Hearing music
  • Consultancy