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Svitlana Khrystenko

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I was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine. When I was 19, I moved to The Netherlands to study at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. I took this opportunity to study here because of my desire to gain new experiences, develop innovative design skills, and to obtain a multicultural approach to design.

My passion for drawing encouraged me to study at the Kharkiv State Design & Art Academy when I was 17. It was there where I began to develop my inherent ability to think outside the box to solve complex problems.

In my younger years I have always been interested in various spheres from physics to astronomy, from art to swimming, from foreign languages to nature etc. Therefore, I consider myself a very open minded and versatile personality.

When I was 14 I started selling things which I have made by myself. It was my first job. But soon I understood that I value art not as a fast way to become rich, but as something more personal. My purpose is to make our world more comfortable and beautiful. I started from simple handmade presents and now I can professionally construct industrial product. In early years I could generate a lot of interesting ideas and depict them, but I couldn't make them real. That’s why I decided to learn some basics programs. So let me briefly review each of them. I began from 2D program for drawing Photoshop. It was easy for me because I have drawing skills . Then I learned such effective programs such as AutoCAD, 3dsMax and SolidWorks which afterwards helped me in different projects.

I’m a very easy-going person, ready for any adventure in my life. My motto is never say no to any opportunity to learn and improve myself.

Nowadays I understand that we live in computer era, therefore, it is very important to have an intimate knowledge of computer programs in order to create something real and do it professionally.

Professional experience

Product designer


From October 2018 to Today

I started my first Internship at Precious Plastic Den Haag. Very excited to see what will come out of it!


NL – The Hague University of Applied Sciences – 2012