If you want to learn Dutch, you have two choices: you can start taking a course in your home country or you can study Dutch in Holland.

Courses in Holland

Dutch language courses are usually offered at different levels: beginner, intermediate or advanced. There are several ways to go about learning Dutch:

  • check the library or council office for brochures on courses;
  • find a language buddy;
  • take classes at an evening school;
  • follow a course at a higher education institution.

Read more about Dutch language courses for international students offered by higher education institutions.

Summer courses

There are also courses you can take during the summer to learn Dutch. Take a look at the summer courses offered by Dutch Summer School. Also check out the courses by Taalunie and see if you are eligible for a scholarship. Note that these courses are intended for advanced students. 

Courses in your own country

To find Dutch courses in your home country, contact the Dutch embassy.


You can also decide to study Neerlandistiek, the study of Dutch language and literature. Find out more about the possibilities to study Neerlandistiek on our page about Dutch Studies.

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