eiOS HACKATHON: Emotional Intelligence Operating System Upgrade (eiOS)

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Still looking for a placement or an internship? Here's a different kind of a networking event that we would highly recommend.

This 8-week program offers lasting benefits not only for your career, but also for your self-development and wellbeing. We are excited to invite you to the eiOS Hackathon: a course that applies unorthodox methods to create rapid and measurable personal growth.

Hosted by SHFT Happens, in partnership with rent24, a co-working space located in the Magna Plaza, this event brings you to the home-base of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and to the heart of innovation (Plenty of opportunities to land an exciting internship.) During the program you'll be part of coaching teams - temporary high performance teams, made of: startups, brands, HR managers, coaches, influencers, freelancers and personal development enthusiasts! 

 About the EVENT: 

1 journey. 8 weeks. 8 modules. 8 human behavior experts. 1 quest: become a wellbeing champion. 1 GPS coordinate: 180° East of burnout. 



Technology has made the world we live in global and exponential. Yet, our brain evolved in a way that is linear and that is local. And this dissonance has measurable consequences on our wellbeing. 

The personal crisis has become a contagion. And this crisis is not only felt on an individual level. We are feeling it on a collective, and organizational level too. The only way to restore the balance is  by strengthening our collective "immunity". 

The happier that you are as an individual, the more that we start to thrive as a collective and the stronger that the psychological immunity of our human race becomes.


The eiOS is a framework. Together with 8 experts in the field of human behavior - we call them, Wellbeing Technicians, we have put together a wholistic program which takes you on an 8-step journey, over the period of 8 weeks. On this journey we will take you on some wild adventures through the realms of your Mind, Heart & Spirit.

Your quest on this journey is to turn into a wellbeing technician yourself - into a Wellbeing Champion. To come out at the other end not only feeling better - but also equipped to sustain and spread the wellbeing bug around. SHFT HAPPENS  is making wellbeing go viral!

The program is grounded in a robust body of science on Emotional Intelligence, and that is going to be our route - the GPS coordinates for our journey.


The eiOS is not a workshop, not a training, not a class - it’s an experience! SHFT HAPPENS don't teach or inspire you. They ENABLE you. 


What if I can't make it to one, or more of the modules?

It’s holiday period so we have accounted for some people not being able to make all the modules.

Here are the options:

1) you will have an accountability partner on the program who will be able to fill you in on the practical assignments

2) our mentors are available throughout the program to support with anything: coaching, debriefing, questions. In some cases, one-on-one with the coaches will be offered to ensure you're up to speed.

3) you can join the module at an upcoming program in the future

4) Depending on which module you will miss, we might either have streaming in place which means that you can take the module online. 
Having said that, should more people have conficts with one of the modules, we’ll look to change the date.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Email us any time at: info@shfthappens.com 


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