2nd Friday meeting Eindhoven: Workshop Professional Development

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Professional development is an important part of your career. You are no longer ready for the rest of your career if you finished your education: continuous professional development is what comes next.
Due to the growth and intermingling of professions it is crucial for professionals to develop a wide T-profile in which you train both your technical as non-technical skills. As the speed of development within certain professions requires you to develop those competences as well.

KIVI has developed a platform for everyone who want to invest in their professional development. The platform aims to find each other and to pick up ideas on how you can tackle your continues development as a professional. This includes your own personal environment as a career management tool. The Online Professional Development Tool (OPD) helps you to shape your own strategy.

In professional development self-reflection is key. You have to be able to identify the needs of your current profession and your own development. A professional framework like the OPD plays into this. This way you get insight into your areas of strength as well as points which require more development.

The OPD tool is a flexible framework suited for your next step in your career, whether this is a complex project or just to monitor your progress during a certain period does not matter. Also, it can visualise your professional portfolio! This online tool is a practical guide for creating the planning and strategy for your professional development!

16.30: Reception and last minute registration
17.00: Workshop by Isaac Aligbeh
18.00: Networking drinks
19.00: End of the event

Isaac Aligbeh, Projects The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI)

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