Coffee Break: Staying Healthy: Nutritional and Health Tips

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Join our live Q&A between Maria and Helen about Staying Healthy: Nutritional and Health Tips 

We will share expert insights on how to make the best out of your quarantine by creating new habits when it comes to nutrition and daily routines. We will cover the following topics during our 30 minutes session:

  • How to create healthy habits around food?
  • What are the must-haves when planning how you eat and your relationship with food?
  • How to know what type of food works for you?
  • What are the common myths behind diets?
  • What is the impact of sports within a diet plan?
  • What tips are relevant when buying groceries, cooking and eating?

About our speakers:

María Lucía Bermúdez is a member of the Holland Alumni Network - Netherlands (HAn-NL) community. She is from Colombia and lives in the Amsterdam working at her company 7days2go. Maria is passionate for entrepreneurship co-founded Here2start to support international entrepreneurs based in the Netherlands.

Helen has her own Wellness Practice in the US, founded with the idea of being a resource of information for those looking to return to a better sense of themselves. She has built a reputation for making wellness simple, practical & convenient. Helen focuses on Ayurveda’s bio-individuality as well as the functional medicine model of nutrition to understand my client’s unique needs, incorporating natural remedies, whole foods, herbs, and botanicals for a one of a kind old world, new world way of practicing natural medicine.

What to bring?

✔️Your favorite mug and type of coffee!
✔️Good questions and comments to make it interactive and keep it interesting.
✔️Your best vibe possible! We want to spread positivity among our event attendees.
✔️More friends to join us around the weekly topics. The more the better!

What's Coffee Break?

Coffee Break is an interactive event format consisting of live Q&As with experts and members of the community on any relevant topics for international students, alumni, and entrepreneurs. Join us and feel free to ask any questions and suggest new topics for future Coffee Breaks!

About Holland Alumni network - Netherland (HAn-NL):

The Holland Alumni network-NL is managed by Holland alumni volunteers and empowered by Nuffic. It’s the national alumni association of international alumni and students living in the Netherlands. Holland Alumni are those who have studied in a Dutch university.

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