Coffee Break with Maria and Nick: Dutch Business Culture

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Join Maria and Nick to learn Dutch Business Culture! A perfect live Q&A to introduce startups and scaleups to the Netherlands . 

About this event

Join our live Q&A between Maria and Nick about Dutch Business Culture. Following the Coffee Break with Masha on How to Get your Business Started in the Netherlands hosted on May 4 , 7days2go are happy to continue the conversation on Dutch Business Culture.

As an international entrepreneurial community with HQ in Amsterdam, they want to continue the conversation around culture and language with Nick. During our 30 minutes session they will cover the following topics:

  • How's it to run your business in the Netherlands as an international entrepreneur?
  • What to consider when exploring the Dutch business environment?
  • What are the existing local communities that can help me to accelerate our integration process as internationals?
  • Why is learning Dutch key for me and my business?
  • What tests do I need to pass as a requeriments to stay in the Netherlands?
  • Can I get my business started just speaking English?
  • How can I improve my English and get started with Dutch at a business and professional level?

About our special guest:

Nick Walker is committed to creating engaging Dutch and English language training. After working for a number of language schools he founded his own. Over the years he has built up a team of passionate language teachers. The teaching methods he has created with his team are tailored to learners’ individual needs. Whether you’re an international seeking integration in the Netherlands through learning the local language, or whether you are a Dutch local who needs to grow their communication skills in the international business world…He has a methodology that works for you!

What to bring?

✔️Your favourite mug and type of coffee!

✔️Good questions and comments to make it interactive and keep it interesting.

✔️Your best vibe possible! They want to spread positivity among our event attendees.

✔️More friends to join us around the weekly topics. The more the better!

What's Coffee Break with Maria?

Coffee Break with Maria is an interactive event format happening every Monday starting April 6, 2020.

María Lucía Bermúdez, co-founder at 7days2go will interview one of the members of the Expert Pool on any relevant topics for entrepreneurs and business owners. A live Q&A will be hosted across several areas including business development and sales, online marketing, taxes, legal, human resources, lifestyle and coaching and more. Join them and feel free to ask any questions and suggest new topics for future Coffee Breaks!

To read more and join the Coffee Break please click here.

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