Dutch Digital Day 2018

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Behind every big change lies a big wonder why. This change, which has a huge impact on economics, society and the way we live, is propelled by anonymous forces. And a big pool of solution designers ready to face any wicked problem popping up in days of diffusion. These changemakers, these questioners and solutioners, they work behind the scenes. No-one knows their name. Only their fame. They are the heads, hearts and hands that shaped this digital era worldwide.

The Dutch digital industry is growing big time and working overtime on system changes that truly matter. Once a year, it is time to shine, to share and to cheer.. At Dutch Digital Day, the entire industry gets their injection of next-level inspiration. Talent and masterminds gather for interactive sessions, keynote speakers, performances, pilot projects, mind-blowing cases, moral discussions (Black Mirror, we are watching you…) and innovation in the making. On 29 June 2018, it will be DDD again. Meet the makers. Don’t miss out.

The event is organised by Dutch Digital Agencies, the leading sector association and knowledge organisation for the Dutch digital industry. Its membership comprises the country’s top digital agencies that together form the vanguard of the sector in the Netherlands.

Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA) has been bringing together the Netherlands’ leading digital agencies since 2002. Dutch Digital Agencies actively promotes and fosters the digital industry’s creativeness and interaction among the 125 members agencies through various means including offering a wide range of workshops and knowledge sessions.


13:00Welcome at Dutch Digital Day
13:30Opening Dutch Digital Day by moderator Jim Stolze
13:35Keynote 01: Nell Watson
14:00Keynote 02: Arno Wielders
14:30Keynote 03: Leon Spikker
14:50Keynote 04: Thijs van Vuure
15:35Keynote 05: Vera de Pont
15:55Keynote 06: Rogier Wieland
16:15Keynote 07: Aernoud Bourdrez
16:35Keynote 08: Antonio Fernandez
17:15Keynote 09: Jennifer Kinon
17:40Keynote 10: Neil Harbisson
18:00Drinks and food

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