Holland Alumni Meetup Utrecht: Professional Stories in the context of Professional Growth

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About the workshop: Professional Stories:

In the workshop Professional Stories, Carla Maria Verwer will share some of her findings on Narrative Leadership. “We will look at the concept of Professional Growth and to what is meaningful for you in your work with the help of narrative methods. You will look back at the year that lies behind you and, if time allows us, you will identify some actions for the coming year based on what is meaningful to you. We will do this through collective working methods and by using narrative inquiry.  Although it is your own work and path you are looking at, stepping forward and talking with likeminded people about what is meaningful to you, will create a sense of connection; a sense of a joint journey.  As far as I am concerned a necessary feeling in this individual era we are living in. 

I am looking forward meeting you the 4th of December!”

School of Narrative Leadership:
“I am often asked if I use theatre techniques in the trainings I give. Sometimes I do, but my theater
background mainly translates into the way I perceive and communicate with the group. Apparently I have this narrative mindset and perspective that I bring into all the work I do. I tend to deconstruct stories into (meaningful) elements, look at shared values and idea’s, bring forgotten details or stories into ones awareness, and construct richer stories with the people I work with. I have the idea that this way of working and perceiving could be useful in other area's (of life). That lead me to the question: what are characteristics of this narrative perspective, mindset and way of working? And how could that be meaningful for Personal Effectiveness and Leadership? By founding the School of Narrative Leadership I have created a space to explore the answers to these questions and translate the findings into playful and useful methods for meaning and sencemaking and opening up possibilities for ones work and life.”

About Carla Maria Verwer:
Carla Maria has a master degree in Business Communications at the Radboud University of Nijmegen and completed the Academy of Theatre at the University of Applied Science in Tilburg. The combination of this background is recognizable in her work as a trainer and coach in Personal
Effectiveness and Leadership, and as a theatre writer and director. As trainer and coach she mainly
works in an academic context. The TuEindhoven and TNO are amongst her contract givers.

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