IHS Organises Refresher Course in Hanoi, Vietnam

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In June and July, IHS will be hosting a refresher course in cooperation with Hanoi Architectural University, Urban Management Faculty, Holland Alumni Network Vietnam and Nuffic NESO Vietnam. The topic is "Mainstreaming gender equity in and a rights-based approach to Vietnam's urban development policy: the transformative power of Strategic Action Planning". The course is open for NFP alumni from the Southeas Asian region.

The course consists of four modules which aim to identify and analyse gender and social equity issues in Vietnam's urban development. Additionally, it aims to identify and analyse gaps in existing policies, legal and institutional arrangements for human rights friendly urban development. Furthermore, it aims to discuss and identify key elements of an empowering participatory process and demonstrate a positive shift in commitment towards human rights, gender equity and participation. The final objective is applying the decision making tools used to steer a Strategic-Action Planning process.

Module 1 focus is on mainstreaming human rights in urban development policy. There is an explanation of human right mainstreaming, problem anaylysis and checklist. The focus of module 2 is on gender equitable urban development. One of the topics within this module is easing women's access to land, housing, basic services, community spaces, public forums, infrastructure and economic opportunities. The topic of module 3 is civic engagement in urban development. This will be about participatory urban governance- concepts, benefits, costs and barriers. Module 4 focus is on strategic - action urban planning for human rights friendly cities.

Admission requirements: A filled-up online application form and a motivation statement expressing how the course will contribute to one’s professional development, and when applicable the link of  past and/or current professional experience and academic research in one or more of the main themes of the course. Application deadline is 19 April 2017.

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