IHS organises Refresher course in Lusaka, Zambia

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In May 2017, IHS will be organising a refresher course in cooperation with Chingola Municipal Council (CMC) and the Copperbelt University School of Built Environment (CUB-SBE). The course is focused on "Land Grabbing and the vulnerable securing land for the poor and women in the peri-urban", and will be open to NFP alumni from the Zambia, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.

The course is organised in five modules. Each module focuses on key components that relate to land grabbing issues and ensure access to well located land for the vulnerable. The main objectives are to identify and explain the policies and norms that promote land grabbing and prevent the vulnerable from accessing and securing land, analyze new & existing tools for equitable land accessibility, evaluate and develop current social, economic, legal and institutional instruments and policies, and disseminate the knowledge acquired and strategies developed during the course on inclusive, gender sensitive, pro-poor policies and plans in a land seminar to all stakeholders.

Module 1 focuses on understanding the current state of land grabbing in sub-Saharan Africa and the impacts for the vulnerable- which include women, the poor, small scale farmers who are displaced by land grabbing activities. The topic of module 2 is land rights, equal rights of women and the poor to use, control, own and inherit land. Module 3 emphasizes on social and economic policies, as well as instruments that encourage or discourage land grabbing and disposession of land of the vulnerable. Module 4 is focused on community led land governance (the changing role of households and communities), the role of women in land development and protection of small scale farming, and new trends in private sector partnerships. Module 5 is aimed at dissemination of knowledge acquired in land seminar

Admission requirements: A filled-up online application form and a motivation statement expressing how the course will contribute to one’s professional development, and when applicable the link of  past and/or current professional experience and academic research in one or more of the main themes of the course.

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