IHS Refresher Course in Kathmandu, Nepal

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Starting in May 2017, IHS organises a refresher course in cooperation with Khwopa Engineering College and the IHS alumni Association of Nepal. The focus of the course is on the topic "Urban Space and Disaster: Building Resilience with Communities". The course is open for NFP alumni from the Southeast Asian region.

The course consists of four modules which aim to contribute to the development of resilient urban communities in South Asia. Another aim is to enable participants to identify constraints and opportunities for building resilient urban spaces. Moreover, it aims to develop a profound understanding of community and gender-related vulnerability as well as resilience by studying the case of post-earthquake Nepal, enabling to analyze critically and enhance disaster preparedness by introducing these concepts to their institution.

Module 1 focuses on urban space and disaster. Knowledge on disaster preparedness and response will be updated. The topic of module 2 is the role of urban communities and places. The module will zoom in from the city-level to three selected case study areas, connecting the social to the physical space. Module 3 is about building resilience with communities. It will establish criteria for disaster preparedness. Module 4 is a BHAP workshop. It will systematize principles and outcomes from the case studies.

Admission requirements: A filled-up online application form and a motivation statement expressing how the course will contribute to one’s professional development, and when applicable the link of  past and/or current professional experience and academic research in one or more of the main themes of the course.

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