IHS Refresher course in Stellenbosch, South Africa

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In November 2017, IHS will be presenting a refresher course in collaboration with Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT), Sustainability Institute (SI) and Holland Alumni Association South Africa (HAASA). The course will focus on the concept of "Food for Empowerment: Innovative, just, and sustainable approaches for making food accessible in urban settlements", and will be open to NFP alumni from the Southern African region.

The course will follow a case-based learning approach. The participants work in groups on their own case study around food as tool for empowerment. This case study deals with issues such as increasing food security; sustainability of food production, consumption and food chains; and the social bonding power of food. The ultimate objective is for participants to be able to apply the major concepts of food systems, social innovation; transition; sustainable and equitable development; empowerment) to their own context, to use food and its various aspects as a tool for (gender-) empowerment in their own context, to translate their acquired knowledge into a concrete analysis of challenges and an action plan for change for their own situation, and to have acquired the competences for becoming change-makers, based on an increased comfort and confidence that they can be the initiators of change in their own contexts.

Modules 1 and 2 include content, inspiring examples and assignments that are relevant for developing insights around the cases of 'food and empowerment'. Module 1 focuses on Sustainable and Equitable Development and Change (complexity, transitions, sustainability, urban development, urban-rural linkages, food and development, food transitions, food systems, food security). Module 2 will include (Urban) Social innovation (empowerment, vulnerability, including gender aspects, social innovation, urban (public) space; the role of social entrepreneurs and system entrepreneurs). Module 3 revolves around the topic of Change Makers, and is about competence development for professionals eager to make an impact, achieve and realize sustainable and just change in their daily work (Competences for change: negotiation, collaboration, leadership, autonomy, collectiveness; Reflection & Learning).

Admission requirements: A filled-up online application form and a motivation statement expressing how the course will contribute to one’s professional development, and when applicable the link of  past and/or current professional experience and academic research in one or more of the main themes of the course.

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