Indoor Agriculture Energy Solutions (IAES) 2020

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Indoor Agriculture Energy Solutions (IAES) 2020

The IAES Conference is a key touchstone in shaping the future of energy policies and utility programs for controlled environment agriculture, drawing from the lessons of early models emerging in cannabis cultivation and extending to the rapidly scaling greenhouse and vertical farming sectors cropping up in rural, suburban and urban regions.. 

 IAES will provide high-value knowledge transfer to get you immediately up the learning curve by connecting in one place at a critical moment in time with the experts and pioneers throughout North America. This is the place to be involved in the discussion on how to address the energy and carbon implications of our agriculture future.

Why attend?

Join sector leaders to discuss and elevate innovative solutions that accelerate an energy-efficient and low-carbon future for controlled environment agriculture. The IAES conference is not focused on any one crop, but rather will discuss issues that involve all indoor farming --whether it is the cultivation of flowers, greens, herbs, produce, or cannabis.

An expansive list of topics will be covered around plant production including policy trends, grow efficiency, current and new products and industry best practices. The objective of the conference is to provide educational sessions, engaging discussions and new experiences relevant to our audience.

Who is attending?

  • State and local policy makers.
  • Utility program managers.
  • Technology manufacturers.
  • Supply chain partners.
  • Academics and researchers.
  • Investors. 
Growers and cultivators. 

Conference programme
As indoor agriculture expands rapidly throughout North America, a consistent and effective energy and carbon policy framework is essential to address grid stability, community impacts, climate objectives and business success. At IAES, policymakers, utility program administrators, leading growers and supply chain leaders will have a unique opportunity to collaboratively explore solutions to a range of challenges.

Conference programme to include sessions on:
  •  Learnings from early regulated cannabis markets.
  • The future of agriculture in a climate-constrained world.
  • Technology innovation roadmap.
  • Nuances in regulating buildings containing plants versus buildings containing humans.
  • Insights on what data is telling us about energy, water and carbon impacts.
  • Emerging best practices on how to effectively design and optimize efficient cultivation operations.
  • Envisioning a decarbonized agricultural model.
  • Aligning codes, incentives and outcomes.
  • Updates from RII's Policy and Utility Working Groups. 
  • Structured networking.

    More information can be found on the website

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