Light on Russia 2018 Conference

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Light on Russia 2018

The Dutch Institute in St. Petersburg announces a new edition of our annual 'Light on Russia' event. This year, the conference will take place on December 14, 2018 in the beautiful senate hall of the Academiegebouw in Utrecht.

Student part: experiences from Russia

5 pm, Eijkmankamer 
First, there will be a special opportunity for students to speak about their own experiences in Russia. The NIP ambassadors will provide a program to give other students an impression of what a stay in Russia looks like and the benefits you will experience as a student staying at the NIP.

Substantive part: Russian music

7 pm, Senate Hall 
After this special part for students, the continuation of the evening will be in the theme of Russian music. The evening starts with three lectures. The speakers are mr. Dr Rutger Helmers from the University of Amsterdam, mrs. Dr. Olga Panteleeva from Utrecht University and mrs. Olga de Kort . During their lectures they will discuss, among other things, the development of Russian music, the influence of European musicians on Russia (and vice versa) and the most important bilateral contacts between the Netherlands and Russia.

The lectures are followed up by a concert by Joost Willemze. This prize-winning harpist and slavist at Leiden University will perform works from Russian composers such as Mikhail Glinka, Mili Balakirev, Petr Tchaikovsky and Ekaterina Walter-Kuhne.

The conference will end with a drink.


17:00 meeting for students.
Our former students talk about their experiences in Russia.
19:00 Reception followed by lectures about Russian music by mr. Dr Rutger Helmers, mrs. Dr. Olga Panteleeva, mrs. Olga de Kort.
20:45 Concert by mr. Joost Willemze, harpist and slavist at Leiden University. He will play Balakirev, Glinka, Tchaikovsky and Walter-Kuhne.
21:30 - 22:30 Closing drinks.


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