RSM Alumni Webinar: Science fiction to address global challenges?

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Invasions of extra-terrestrials, cyborgs taking over the human role or pandemics created to erase human kind are some examples that science-fiction bring to us via cinema and television. Everyone knows a movie or tv-series story, that only science fiction writers can create. Few of us fully understand the true power of science fiction: the perspective it gives and how it potentially can shape the future. 

In this webinar, Dr Etienne Augé, one of the most renowned experts on Science Fiction, will explore how science fiction can give us an insight on how the future can look.. Currently, we are experiencing “an invasion of a creature”. This creature is putting billions of people in their homes for months. Think about it - what will come next? This webinar will give you some insights on: 

  • The role of science fiction in preventing or inventing the future.
  • The Reality versus The Matrix.
  • How businesses and governments are using science fiction to explore possibilities.
  • The hope that imagination combined with science can give to us.

Date  14 May 

Time: 14.00-15.00

Location: Online 

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