Studio WotIS Session 3: Getting out of your comfort zone.

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Studio WotIS Session 3: Getting out of your comfort zone. 

What exactly do you learn from spending some time abroad? Do you get certain skills when you get out of your comfort zone (home)? Tune in to the third Studio WotIS session and find out about the set of skills and experiences our Dutch and international hosts got from their time abroad.

This is the moment to ask our hosts (who have a lot of skills because of their time abroad) your questions! Hope to see you during our live session!

What?      Facebook live session about entrepreneurship/start-ups.
When?     Wednesday 20 November, from 16:00-16:30.
Where?    Over on the Study in Holland Facebook page.

All of the sessions will be live videos over on the Study in Holland Facebook page, so make sure to like this page and follow the event to stay up to date! 

We hope to see you during the live session!

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