The Rule of Law in the EU: Trials and Tribulations. Lecture by Jorrit Rijpma, University of Leiden

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The Rule of Law in the EU: Trials and Tribulations

The common values upon which the European Union is based are listed in Article 2 of the Treaty on European Union. Amongst those values, democracy, the rule of law and respect for fundamental rights features prominently. Respect for these values is a pre-condition for membership.

In recent years, the rule of law has been under pressure in a number of Member States. In at least one Member State, Poland, the situation has been considered so worrisome that the European Commission has triggered the procedure to establish a clear risk of a serious breach of the EU's founding values, the first step in series of measures that may ultimately lead to the suspension of membership rights under EU law.

Why is respect for the rule of law so fundamental to European cooperation? How have the EU's political institutions and the Court of Justice of the European Union responded to these concerns? How effective has this response been?

In his lecture, Dr. Jorrit Rijpma from Leiden Law School, will engage with these questions. He will pay particular attention to the importance of the rule of law for the cooperation in Justice and Home Affairs, also known as the EU's Area of Freedom, Security and Justice.


Jorrit Rijpma is Associate Professor of European Law at the Europa Institute of Leiden Law School and holds a Jean Monnet Chair on Security and Mobility in Europe (MOSE).

Rijpma studied law at the European Law School in Maastricht and the College of Europe in Bruges. He defended his PhD at the European University Institute in Florence on the regulatory framework for the management of the external borders of the European Union. He conducted part of his research at the European border agency (Frontex) in Warsaw. He was a visiting professor at Koç University in Istanbul and Hastings College of Law in San Francisco.

Rijpma’s research focusses on cooperation in Justice and Home Affairs in Europe, the so-called Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. He looks in particular at the link between security and mobility and the institutional and technological developments in this field. He is also one of the Directors of the Faculty’s profile area on Interaction between Legal Systems (ILS), responsible for a research project on Maritime Security.

Rijpma is a member of the standing committee of experts on international immigration, refugee and criminal law (Meijers Committee). He also acts as deputy judge and external council to a private firm of immigration lawyers.

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