TU Delft for Life - Xperience Day

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Experience everything that happens at your university during the TU Delft for Life | Xperience Day on Thursday June 7th 2018. This day is part of the International Festival of Technology 2018 (IFoT, 6-8 June) and is especially organised for TU Delft alumni and relations of Delft University Fund. 

The programme consist of three elements:
- Theme Tours,
- TU Delft for Life and
- eight faculty programmes.

All TU Delft alumni and relations of the Delft University Fund receive a personal invitation.
In case you didn’t receive a personal invitation before May 5, please contact us via alumnirelations@tudelft.nl.

This is a unique opportunity for TU Delft alumni and relations to meet each other and to get unique insights into various innovative student and research projects in the field of Robotics, Space, Health, Water, Entrepreneurship and more.

Over 20 theme tours are organised to inform alumni and relations of the latest and greatest in science and technology at TU Delft. Also, specific research projects in the areas of water, health and art & technology are highlighted because they are made possible with the help of TU Delft alumni and relations of Delft University Fund.

The theme tours are followed by a plenary session in the Auditorium where Prof. Tim van der Hagen, Rector Magnificus and President of the Executive Board, will share the TU Delft ambition by showcasing innovative student and research projects. He will also present the Alumnus of the Year 2018.

Then it’s time to eat, drink and get social. During the walking dinner there is ample time to catch up. The programme will be continued at several faculties where interesting speakers (professors, students, alumni) will share their thoughts and knowledge.

So lots to see and do ... 

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