Webinar: B2B What is LinkedIn Marketing?

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The B2B stage for entrepreneurial Expats in The Netherlands 

Hello Expat, is hosting a webinar called 'What is LinkedIn marketing'.


Social Media as added value! How do you handle that?

• Why LinkedIn? Short introduction

• Basic forms - uniformity - corporate identity

• Finding target groups - possibilities

• LinkedIn company page - how do you do that properly?

Target audience

1) Enterpreneurial Expats in Leiden.

2) Partners van Expat Centre Leiden - C-level

Aim of the webinar

Giving enterpreneurial expats & ECL Partners practical insight into how you can apply social media within the corebusiness of your company. I will present the 3-step LinkedIn Marketing in a presentation. To give the viewer step-by-step insight into how they can easily use their LinkedIn channels within their business.


Visualize 3 parts via PowerPoint (keep it simple).

Examples: Pracht Internationals

This webinar is hosted by Orhan Polat who specialized in Social Media - Social Media Marketing & Social Selling. He gives (1: 1) 3-step Social Media training to companies and brands. His challenge is to make companies and brands in the field of Social Media strategically stronger. ‘Hello Expat - Business to Business’ is part of O.P. Projectmanagement.

Find out more here.

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