Webinar: How Immune System Works

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This is a free webinar organised by the Tomsk International Science Programme (TISP) staff. 

Today the world is endangered by new and invisible menace - new coronavirus. It caused pandemic and blocked the whole world.

So why are we talking about blood tests, herd immunity, vaccine creation?

This webinar, which will last for two hours, will help you understand how our immune system is organised and how it can combat all the outsider - bacteria, viruses, parasites - and insider threats, such as cancer.

The lecture will be delivered by prof. dr. Wilfred Germeraad, who is a visiting speaker of TISP, docent in immunology from Maastricht University. It will be held on Monday, 11 May, at 16:00 Tomsk time (12:00 Moscow time).

The lecture will be held fully in English. To be able to attend, please register using the following link: http://en.cjiap.tsu.ru/node/341

About the lecturer

Portrait of Wilfred GermeraadWilfred Germeraad studied Medical Biology at the VU in Amsterdam (1980-1987), after which he performed his PhD studies (1988-1994) in Immunology at the Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan.

After a postdoc position at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles in California, USA, he moved to Rotterdam for a second postdoc position.

In 1997 he joined U-BiSys, a start-up company from the Utrecht University that became Crucell. At Crucell, Wilfred was team leader of the Dendritic Cell programme.

In 2003, he moved to Maastricht where he joined the group of Prof Gerard Bos focussing on Immunotherapy for Cancer.

Currently, he is Associate Professor of Immunology at Maastricht University Medical Center and responsible for the development of dendritic cells vaccines for cancer, the role of natural killer cells in the fight against cancer and immune reconstitution after bone marrow transplantation.

He is participating in the studies on early detection of breast cancer. He is co-author of > 65 scientific papers and inventor on 3 patents. At CiMaas he has the position of CSO and COO.

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