Webinar on e-mobility: National charging infrastructure approach and agenda

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The adoption of electric vehicles is accelerating worldwide. And so is the need for a charging network that can keep up with this transition. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency invites you to take part in the webinar: National Charging Infrastructure Agenda. This webinar looks at the Dutch integrated and collaborative approach to getting ready for electric driving. To learn more, register for the webinar on 29 October. 

The Netherlands has one of the densest charging networks in the world and is a European leader in electric driving. The government aims for all new passenger cars to be emission-free by 2030.

The increase in electric vehicles poses new challenges for the national network charging infrastructure. The need for charging points will be 3 times higher by 2025, and 8 times higher by 2030. Together with the sector and the regions, the government has come up with an answer to electric vehicles (EV) charging demand. This is part of the ambitious 2019 Dutch climate agreement.

Dutch charging policy

The webinar is for Dutch embassies, consulates and NBSOs. It will offer an overview of:

  • the development of Dutch charging policy;
  • the EV sector in the Netherlands; and
  • the different stakeholders involved in creating a well-developed charging ecosystem.

Smart charging and logistics will be looked at, as well as the regional approach.

National charging infrastructure agenda

The National Charging Infrastructure Agenda (NAL) is a widely supported multi-year policy agenda. It includes ambitions and actions for creating a charging infrastructure network in the Netherlands. The world of mobility and energy is getting more complicated and closely connected. The Agenda focusses on forming an integrated and collaborative approach to answer the charging needs of the future. 6 Dutch regions play a central role in the Agenda's ambitions.

“In 1 hour, you will be up to speed on the latest developments in Dutch charging infrastructure policies.”


The webinar features the following speakers:

  • Bert Klerk - chairman of the NAL steering group
  • Suzanne Riezebos - NAL region Gelderland and Overijssel
  • Frank Geerts - Smart charging working group (ElaadNL)
  • Jeroen Kroonen - Logistics working group (NKL)

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