Workshop finding Dutch flow: Opening The Floodgate to Dutch Fluency

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Finding Dutch Flow is a very special workshop. It will help you to think outside the box, so that more fun and greater results are possible. This is what you will learn:

  • Why Dutch people love to say that learning Dutch is difficult and why you should not believe them
  • How to say much more within only a couple of seconds!
  • How your mind tricks you and how you can open the flood gate to great fluency in Dutch
  • How speaking a new language really begins
  • The biggest mistake that most people make and how you can progress much faster instead
  • How to learn fast while having fun now!

People that visit this special workshop all state that they start to see more possibilities and that they sense a refreshed sense of optimism…..

Free entrance (but you need to register first)


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Released on: Alumni in the Netherlands

Keizersgracht 8

8, Keizersgracht 1015 CN AMSTERDAM

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