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First Holland Alumni Talk: Energy and Sustainability.


Alumni in Mexico


At Nuffic Neso Mexico we were very happy to host this event. This past 5th September we held our very first session of Holland Alumni Talk to discuss energy and sustainability topics and we had different perspectives from diverse points of view.

We had the enthusiastic participation of alumnus Juan Carlos Soriano (MSc. Sustainable Technology, Eindhoven) and who founded his own company KeeUI Solar. We also had the participation of Thomas Berbée Energy and Maritime Coordinator from Holland House Mexico who provided relevant information about Dutch companies’ activities in Mexico in this area.

It was very interesting to hear insights from participants who work in different fields but still are related to energy and sustainability.

We are working to have more discussions like this with alumni from diverse interests and study backgrounds. 

If you would like to share your knowledge and/ or projects, please send us an email to alumni@nesomexico.org

We would like to have some talks in the following topics:

  • Water management. 
  • Logistics.
  • Agriculture

If you have any other area of interests, do share it with us as well, knowledge is always welcome!

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