Alumni Get-together in Istanbul

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Target group Turkish students and alumni
Publication date Dec 22, 2016 09:35 AM

In Turkey, Holland Alumni Network members celebrated the coming year! Nuffic Neso Turkey brought together Holland Alumni Network Turkey - HANT at the 2nd Borrel / Social Gathering in December to celebrate the coming year, 2017. The first one took place in July 2016. The feedback for the first one was so positive that Neso Turkey was encouraged to organise the 2nd one before 2017 arrives.

Alumni selfie

This year, Neso Turkey had several occasions to gather Holland Alumni together with thematic seminars and a conference on Human Resources and new graduate skills needed by the employers called “Recruiting Future Talent”. However, such social gathering offered a platform for Holland Alumni from different disciplines and backgrounds to get together and make new friends and acquaintances. And, on this occasion, the common interests of all were Holland and Having Fun!  

Our venue partner “By Bahçe” offered the first beers for free and for the rest we all went Dutch!

Head of Neso Turkey, Yavuz Yilmazoglu, captured the moment with his, now traditional, selfies. “This is quite fun and, now, fashionable for Holland Alumni to get together casually! Prior to the Borrel, I met with Holland Alumni Network Turkey Board members about 2017 plans and I am also glad that DHEIs are also connecting with their alumni in Turkey and we are support such activities in the New Year!”

Let’s get together, Holland Alumni! Volume 2 Borrel / Social Gathering is one of the many events. If you have been to the Netherlands on an exchange programme, short/long term study programme or on full Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree programme, you can be part of our Holland Alumni Network Turkey. Be part of the fastest growing Holland Alumni Network in Turkey with over 900 members and register here

If you belong to a Holland Alumni Group from one Dutch HEI in Turkey, please let us know at

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