Opening NANC Suzhou Chapter in China

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Publication date May 29, 2017 07:39 AM

The Netherlands Alumni Network in China (NANC) has opened a new chapter in Suzhou on the 19th of May.

As China covers such a huge geographical area, NANC is working with regional chapters. Each of these chapters is managed by a local board of alumni under the supervision of NANC's Alumni Officer, and are subdivided into sub chapters based on expertise/professional background.

The NANC boards in China have the task of maintaining and growing the database of alumni, and organizing events to keep the alumni in touch with each other, their former host education institutions, and with local Dutch communities. As alumni stay in touch with the Dutch, they function as information resources and ambassadors for Dutch education. The NANC Suzhou Chapter Launch was a good example of this. The event was attended by alumni, Dutch professionals, and also Chinese students who are interested in studying in the Netherlands (potential pre-alumni).

The event was attended by around 30 guests in total and the Suzhou database has already grown to 100 members. The next NANC alumni chapter will be opened in Chongqing, in collaboration with the Dutch Consulate-General.

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