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Publication date Mar 22, 2016 11:00 PM

Every year EP-Nuffic organises the Orange Carpet Awards, awards for the best initiatives of internationalisation in the education field in the Netherlands. This year, the total number of submitted projects were doubled, making a total of 67 amazing programmes and projects.

The nominations were divided by sector:
• Primary education (PO): 9 nominations.
• Secondary education (VO): 17 nominations.
• Secondary vocational education (MBO): 22 nominations.
• Higher education (HO): 19 nominations.

The jury included representatives from EP-Nuffic and the International Offices of several universities. Silvana Della Penna was proud to be invited as member of the jury in this edition, as one of EP-Nuffic's many Holland Alumni and one of the 27 Holland Career Ambassadors. Together with the 6 other members of the jury, they met on February 12th, for the difficult task of pre-selection of the best two projects in each sector.The jury compared the nominations and based the selection on several distinguishing factors such as innovation, entrepreneurship, inspiration for other educational institutions, creativity, impact and demonstrable quality of education within the institution. This meeting was particularly interesting, as the jury could see how enthusiastic the institutions and the students are about the exchange of experiences and knowledge with other countries and different cultures, and what are their ideas and current activities to enrich education in their institutions.

During the Annual EP-Nuffic Conference on March 22nd, the audience enjoyed two performances held in the Theatre Gooiland Hilversum, and participated in several sessions where exchange of students, business relations, and institutional collaborations were some the main topics. In the morning of the ceremony, the eight finalists were presented with short movies. One of the jury members made a brief presentation on the criteria used to select the finalists. In the afternoon, the audience chose the winners of the Orange Carpet Award through an interactive voting procedure.

Orange Carpet Award winner 2016 for Primary education (PO):

Project Together we make school, from Merkelbachschool of Amsterdam.

The school is characterised by exchanges with other schools in the area, with international companies in the vicinity, and via Skype with schools abroad. Some organizations include Vrije Universiteit, ABN/AMRO and the AA Foundation. One example of the activities is visiting a hotel nearby, where students perform interviews to tourists in English.

Orange Carpet Award winner 2016 for Secondary education (VO):

GEO Water project from Marne College.

This project has five partner schools from theCzechRepublic,Germany,Polandand theNetherlands. About three hundred students from these schools work on sustainable solutions to current water issues. The water authorities in the participating countries offer guidance related to these themes. Schools of different levels (vwo, vmbo mbo and higher education) participate in collaboration with companies, social institutions and government. The schools and students communicate via the eTwinning online community site. Using the teaching method ‘Schools for Sustainability’, much attention is paid to initiative, responsibility and solution-oriented thinking. In addition, students improve their language skills while communicating with the partner schools abroad.

Orange Carpet Award winner 2016 for Secondary vocational education (MBO):

The Chocolate Project from ROC Amsterdam / MBO College Center.

For the students of bread and bakery products, this project offers a three-week internship with renowned pastry companies inLyon,France. The project was developed in collaboration with the French Chamber of Commerce and the Association of chocolatiers inLyon. The students can improve their skills learning from the best in their field, within a foreign environment and an unknown language, sharing their passion for pastry and making it a unique opportunity.

Orange Carpet Award winner 2016 for Higher education (HO):

Erasmus + KA2 project "Essence” from Hogeschool Utrecht.

For the Hogeschool Utrecht, the realization of sustainable cities is best when stimulating young professionals during higher education. “Essence” stands for European Sustainable Solutions for Existing and New City Environments. The goal is to develop an international, interdisciplinary curriculum with four international partners in higher education (Valencia,Turku,Manchester,Hamburg) and three regional governments. It involves the use of new teaching methods such as e-learning and blended learning. In addition, the project partners aim to develop useful solutions for problems that occur in the urban environment in the area of sustainability. Since the partner universities see sustainable cities from different perspectives, the collaboration is very enriching.

The selected projects and their motivational videos can be found at EP-Nuffic:

Internationalisation is an important factor for personal and professional growth. Because together we can do more… Happy Internationalisation!

Author: Silvana Della Penna, Holland Career Ambassador for EP-Nuffic and member of the jury for the Orange Carpet Awards 2016

OCA Award winners and jury 2016

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