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Target group Holland alumni in Indonesia
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Publication date Sep 15, 2016 10:00 PM

Nuffic Neso Indonesia is currently looking for enthusiastic and committed alumni to become Study in Holland Ambassadors. Those selected will support us in promoting Dutch Higher Education and the Netherlands as study destinations for prospective students. At the same time, the ambassadors will be involved in various Study in Holland (eg. education fairs) and Holland Alumni events in Indonesia.


Having personal experience of living and studying in the Netherlands, Holland alumni can contribute to the positioning of the Dutch higher education. Nuffic Neso Indonesia can play a facilitating role in this regard by providing the right skills and tools to Holland alumni for their Study in Holland ambassador roles. For this purpose, Study in Holland Ambassador training will be organised with informative materials about studying in the Netherlands.


Why do we need Holland alumni as Study in Holland (SiH) Ambassadors?

 “..with every new Indonesian student we gain an ambassador in a country that has always been, and always will be, extremely important to us.”


-  Prime Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Mark Rutte
during his meeting with Holland alumni in Jakarta, 21 November 2013

  • Research shows that alumni, after enrolled students, are the most “trusted source” for prospective students.
  • SiH Ambassadors can assist Nuffic Neso Indonesia with the promotion of Dutch Higher Education on various occasions, such as education fairs, alumni seminars, presentations, Pre-Departure Briefings, and identifying and maintaining contact with prospective students.
  • Provide Holland Alumni with opportunities to deliver further contributions such as giving lectures/assisting younger alumni with career developments, etc.



 What kind of Ambassadors are we looking for?

  • Holland Alumni
    You have to be graduated from Dutch Higher Education Institution(s)

  • Indonesian citizen
    You have to be Indonesian and currently residing in Indonesia.

  • Committed
    Study in Holland Ambassadors are expected to be active alumni, who are willing to be involved in our programmes and events.

  • Enthusiastic
    Study in Holland Ambassadors are eager to share their experience and stories about their study period in Holland, the Netherlands, and Dutch culture. Ambassadors also have to be totally agree that has high quality in higher education.

  • Proactive
    Study in Holland Ambassadors are expected to be proactive in providing supports and arranging events related to Study in Holland programme and Holland alumni.

  • Broad network
    Have a broad network (digitally and/or in real life) and good persuasion skills, and would recommend prospective students to study in the Netherlands.

  • Thrive at duties you are good at.


Areas in which you can help as Study in Holland Ambassadors

  • Promote Study in Holland through fairs, presentations and information sessions
  • Identify and maintain contacts with prospective students, as well as recommend them to study in the Netherlands
  • Involvement in Neso Indonesia’s Pre-Departure Briefing
  • Organise/volunteer on alumni events at your city
  • Bring more members to join Holland Alumni Network/IKANED (Ikatan Keluarga & Alumni Nederland)
  • Give lectures or involved in career development programmes for Holland Alumni in Indonesia
  • Write article, news, or testimonials for websites, social media, and newsletter.


What can you benefit from becoming Study in Holland Ambassadors?

  • Expand your professional and personal network
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Receive up-to-date information from the Netherlands and your alma mater
  • Receive priorities in Holland alumni and/or Nuffic Neso Indonesia events
  • Have your profile featured in the websites of Nuffic Neso Indonesia and/or Holland Alumni Network.


How to apply

Kindly fill in this form or download the form attached and send it back to us by e-mail to with subject “Application for Study in Holland Ambassador” before Monday, 10 October 2016.

Selected alumni will receive notification in late October 2016 and are invited for a training in Jakarta.



  • Study in Holland ambassadors will be assigned for two-year appointment, based on their roles and responsibilities defined by Nuffic Neso Indonesia
  • Nuffic Neso Indonesia will provide allowance and reimbursement for travel costs for the service being carried out successfully.


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