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Publication date May 10, 2016 09:20 AM

An online Female Talent Development Toolbox has been launched in support of increasing the number of women in academia and leadership positions at higher education institutions in Ethiopia and strengthening their position. The toolkit has been made possible with financial support of EP-Nuffic.

The toolkit was designed by the Ethiopia Education Strategy Centre (ESC) and Maastricht School of Management (MSM). It is a direct follow of a comprehensive assessment on gender mainstreaming that was part of the original NICHE project ‘University Leadership and Management Capacity Development project’ which started in 2011. 

Harassment and insecurity

The assessment confirmed that the status of female faculty members is low with a very limited number of female faculty members in leadership positions. It showed that harassment and insecurity hampered women’s mobility and their working hours.

While most initiatives in Ethiopia focus on the access of girls to education which is slowly increasing the participation of women in higher education lags behind. Therefore the Higher Education Sector Development Plan of the Ethiopian Government (2015-2020) seeks to increase the number of female academic lecturers and to raise the number of women in academic management and decision-making positions.

Practical instruments

The Female Talent Development Toolbox offers sets of practical instruments and references to be used by professionals, working on strengthening female talent in higher institutions in Ethiopia. MSM and ESC are of the opinion that the toolbox has wider applicability in support of the position of women beyond higher education and beyond Ethiopia.

Learning Initiatives

The toolkit has been made possible with financial support of the Learning Initiatives, a part of the NICHE programme. Small learning subsidies are available to NICHE project implementers in order to extend the impact of their previous NICHE project(s). The Learning Initiatives capitalises on these experiences and encourages the exchange of experiences gained through NICHE projects and are complementary to learning in the regular NICHE project.

The funding is available for the organisation of an innovative activity that was not part of the original NICHE project to encourage mutual learning between NICHE projects or make outcomes more visible and usable to other stakeholders within the NICHE network and beyond.

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