Income requirements internationals in Holland adjusted per 1 July

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Target group Internationals students and alumni wanting to work in Holland
Publication date Jun 30, 2016 10:00 PM

As of 1 July 2016, the income requirements for internationals wanting to work in Holland have been adjusted. These income requirements (the so-called standard amounts) are reviewed each year on 1 January and 1 July.

In order to become eligible for a residence permit, internationals in Holland usually have to meet an income requirement in other words you need to indicate that you have a sufficient and sustainable income for a specified period of time.

The level of income is determined by your personal situation and by the type of residence permit for which you are applying. The income that you have to demonstrate is a gross amount. When you are employed this concerns the amount stated in the employment contract or in the salary specification (pay slip). You can find this amount on your pay slip in the 'social security salary' (in Dutch 'SV-loon') box.

Please find the standard amounts per category below:

Study & PhD

Amount per month excluding school or tuition fees

Higher vocational education and university education

€ 862.50

Secondary and vocational education

€ 708.29

PhD-students not in employment

€ 928.29

PhD-candidate in employment

€ 1,162.13



Working as highly skilled migrant

Minimum wage per month excluding holiday allowance

Highly skilled migrant - reduced salary criterion

€ 2,228

Highly skilled migrant younger than 30 year

€ 3,108

Highly skilled migrant older than 30 years

€ 4,240

Holder European Blue Card

€ 4,968


Highly skilled migrant - reduced salary criterion

If you found a job during the Orientation Year and your employer applies for the Highly Skilled Migrant permit, you are eligible for the reduced salary criterion of € 2,228 (as indicated in the table above). Even if you were eligible for the Orientation Year permit, but you did not make use of it because you had already found a job as a Highly Skilled Migrant, you and your employer can still make use of the reduced salary criterion. If you are switching jobs, the reduced salary criterion remains valid for you.

Source: IND website

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