International Student- Alumni Association the Netherlands

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Publication date May 12, 2016 01:45 PM

Founding the International Student Alumni Association the Netherlands is one of the projects that is part of the Holland Alumni programme. This association is aimed at creating a community for international students and graduates of all Higher Education Institutions in the Netherlands to facilitate international students (pre- alumni) in building a network while they are still here.

The main objectives of the INTAL-STUD Association the Netherlands are:

1. To be an advocate for the needs of higher education’s international students and graduates establishing themselves as professionals in the Netherlands.
2. To facilitate career opportunities for international students and graduates.
3. To function as an umbrella association for the Holland Alumni network in order to assist in connecting international students and graduates and facilitate the retention of talent in the Netherlands.
4. To foster strong collaboration among, the association, the Holland Alumni network, international students associations and other alumni associations to build a global community of well-connected individuals around the world.

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