More flexibility for highly skilled migrants

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Target group alumni in the Netherlands
Publication date Jul 29, 2016 07:25 AM

As of July 1 2016, it has become easier for highly skilled migrants to switch to a new employer (with recognized sponsorship) after becoming unemployed.

Under these new rules a highly skilled migrant who loses his job will be granted a three-month search period to look for a new job as a highly skilled migrant, regardless of whether the employment was terminated by the employer or whether it was the employee who decided to quit.

Before this new policy, a search period was only granted if the employer had initiated the termination of the employment contract.

The IND will revoke the highly skilled migrant permit if the highly skilled migrant was unable to find a new job with a recognized sponsor within the three month search period.

The search period commences the day on which the employment agreement is terminated.

More information on the highly skilled migrants scheme can be found on the IND website.

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