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Pasar Belanda 2016 last Sunday was indeed a big success, as shown by the number of its visitors – a total of 4,120 by the end of the day. This number was almost 2.5 times higher than last year’s Pasar Belanda, with 1,700 visitors.

The event, organised by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Indonesia, Erasmus Huis, Erasmus Taalcentrum, and Nuffic Neso Indonesia, was held on Sunday, 4 September 2016, and packed with many exciting programmes. There were market booths at the Erasmus square, movie screenings at the auditorium and in the classrooms of Erasmus Taalcentrum, music performances at the outdoor amphitheatre, children’s programme at the foyer, and Alumni Quiz and Dutch is Easy at the auditorium. Erasmus Huis library was also open throughout the day so that visitors could read their book collection or become a member of the library. There was also a book bazaar from the libraries of Erasmus Huis and KITLV (Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies) for those interested in the culture and history of the relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands.

This year, the Dutch market was entering its fourth year, indicating a very close relationship between Indonesia and the Netherlands. As mentioned by the Director of Erasmus Huis Michael Rauner, the (current) Kingdom of the Netherlands is only about 201 years old, but the cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands has lasted for more than four centuries. Rauner also explained that there were three highlights in Pasar Belanda this year: Culture, Education, and Dutch Delights.

The market (“pasar”) was the highlight of the day, as visitors queued for various Dutch food like poffertjes and stroopwafels, or to take pictures with the Dutch traditional costume (klederdracht) like in Volendam. At the market, visitors could also buy Dutch souvenirs such as klompen, tulip souvenirs, and Delftse Blauw.

Pasar Belanda 2016

Pasar Belanda 2016

According to Retno Indrawati, a visitor and Holland alumna, Pasar Belanda was a perfect moment to have Dutch food, meet other Holland alumni, and take pictures in Dutch costumes – they all brought very nice memories of the times when she had been in the Netherlands.

Visitors also packed the auditorium during the screening of Negeri van Oranje, a movie about the life of Indonesian students in the Netherlands. The movie was released last year, and it was adapted from a best-selling novel of the same title, written by four Holland alumni.

Currently there are more than 1,500 Indonesians studying in the Netherlands, and this number keeps increasing along with the increasing number of scholarship opportunities like StuNed, NFP, and LPDP, among others, said Director of Netherlands Education Support Offices Han Dommers. He added that the Netherlands offers more than 2,100 programmes taught in English and is known for its international atmosphere, providing a perfect environment for students who would like to pursue an international career.

Other films screened at Pasar Belanda were from different genres. There was “De Hel van ‘63” (The Hell of ’63), which tells the story of the elfstedentoch (ice skating competition in 11 cities in Holland) during an extreme winter condition in 1963. At the Erasmus Taalcentrum there were “Mees Kees” (Mister Twister Class of Fun), a children movie, and a series of short films.

Holland alumni were very excited in taking part in the Alumni Quiz, a competition that tested their knowledge on the Netherlands. A total of eight groups of alumni participated, they were Ruarr Biasa (alumni from Rotterdam, Utrecht, and Arnhem), Winscho Disco (Groningen), Simpang Blaak (Rotterdam), Erasmusbrug (Rotterdam), Kaas (Wageningen and Leiden), and Joppie Saus (The Hague, Delft, Amsterdam). It was a very tight match and the most exciting part was the Dutch spelling bee. Winscho Disco was declared winner of the Alumni Quiz, with Ruarr Biasa coming second.

Alumni Quiz at Pasar Belanda

Prior to the Alumni Quiz, Mevrouw Minuk from Erasmus Taalcentrum gave a crash course on Dutch language, including words in Indonesian and Dutch that were adapted from each other, again showing how the two cultures have been influencing each other.

Pasar Belanda was also crowded with children as the children could take part in the children’s programme by the Netherlands Inter-community School, like face painting, colouring, and origami.

Children's programme at Pasar Belanda

At the amphitheatre of the Erasmus Huis there were music performances with Indonesian bands such as Mondo Gascaro (former keyboardist of indie band Sore who has been involved in film scoring and recently in the soundtrack of “Tiga Dara” movie), Elmand (singer songwriter who is also a Holland alumnus), Orchest Stamboel (a band playing indorock, a genre popularised by The Tielman Brothers in the 1940s), Djonie Senopati, and Erasmus Zangers.

Elmand at Pasar Belanda

All in all, Pasar Belanda is a perfect place to meet fellow alumni, enjoy Dutch food, or to learn more about the Netherlands. See you next year!

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