Take part in thematic alumni networks

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Contact alumni@epnuffic.nl
Target group Dutch higher education institutions
Publication date Aug 22, 2016 12:25 PM

EP-Nuffic stimulates international students and alumni to form networks based on discipline, sector or theme. The development of thematic alumni networks is one of the key projects within the Holland Alumni Programme. The coming year, the focus will be on the themes Agri & Food, Water, and Logistics. and Finance. These networks will be launched as smaller networks within the Holland Alumni network in close collaboration with Dutch higher education institutions and other relevant organisations in the sectors and are initially supposed to be self-supportive.

Research among alumni shows that they are very interested in connecting on the basis of subject specific and thematic networks. The formation of thematic networks will support international (institutional) cooperation, facilitate knowledge exchange across borders and promote the Netherlands (higher education institutions, scholarship programmes and strong economic sectors) abroad. If you would like to play an active role in the development in (one of) these thematic networks, please contact us by sending an email to alumni@epnuffic.nl.

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