• Nationality: Ethiopian
  • Age: 34
  • Field of study: Computer Science
  • Current employer: Quby International
  • Current position: Senior Software Developer

Why I started my career in the Netherlands 

I think working in Holland will bring more opportunities to learn and grow professionally. 

A typical work week 

I work with a small team with different expertise in an agile way of working. I am the scrum master of my team that gives me more interaction with colleagues with different nationalities and cultures. Mostly we sketch small pieces of solutions and try to quickly produce a working product.

I work on collecting huge customers’ energy usage data and process it in a real-time/batch on a big data environment. This way we give insight to customers about their energy usage and advice how to improve in terms of cost and environmental impact.

After work mostly I spend quality time with my wife and our son. I like swimming and aquatic entertainments and that is where I go when I feel tired. Sometimes I go out for different events to enjoy and do some community services.

Cool projects 

I am working on one of the most popular smart thermostats named Toon. We always enhance the product to connect Toon with many home appliances as much as possible. That is what people call the ‘Internet of Things’. On the backend, based on the data coming from Toon we developed many features to control your house appliances: like warm your house just before your arrive home and turn devices on/off remotely, or an alert system, that sends a phone call when the burglar/smoke detector alert goes off, or advice when a customer’s home has energy inefficiency problems. I am working on many home automation related projects.

What I like about the Dutch work mentality 

Open to accept ideas, less bossy leadership and strictly live with the rules and regulation.

My career advice to you

Well, my first advice would be you have to make sure that you have a clear goal to reach in your future, and the commitment to grow yourself professionally. For engineers like me, Dutch employers value your practical experience more than list of certificates in your CV. Please make sure that you have the required skills and be able to demonstrate it.  

Want to connect?!

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/aemro-amare-4060046